Press Release Diane Costello “Xooma Queen”

I arrived in Plano, Texas, took an Uber, walked into the 80,000 square foot modern building and was blown away by the beautiful, clean, classic look of the lobby.  It was bright and cheery, with sunlit windows everywhere and bright orange and yellow furniture. It was exactly how I expected the lobby of Success magazine to look! I saw huge murals of Joel Osteen, Oprah and others and felt a little intimidated that little old me was being interviewed by Jim Ellis the editor in Chief

Was I dreaming? Only a week ago I was called up on stage by the owner of my company Xooma at a company event in Hampton VA.  In only two years I had advanced 9 levels in the company to become a Senior Director.   Our President Ron asked me to say a few words and handed me a huge check for $450,000 representing my earnings this year. It was a great moment that was captured all over social media and on our company website. I remember looking back at previous events and thinking ‘why not me’ when others stood up there with their huge checks and applause.

I walked into the editor’s office and he was sitting at his desk looking like a young boy although lately most people look young to me. The sun was shining in the window behind him and gave him a supernatural glow.   He jumped up and shook my hand with so much enthusiasm that it felt like a jolt of electricity. He was one of those people who exuded energy. For anyone familiar with chakras and the solar plexus, his inner light was as bright as the sun.  He congratulated me on achieving success at an age where most people retire to their rocking chairs.  I told him I had been reading Success Magazine since I started in Network Marketing back in 2008 and couldn’t believe that I was going to be on the cover.  He directed me to a comfy looking green sofa, told me to relax and just to be myself. He told me that I’d have creative control over the article and of course my picture.  I knew I’d insist on filters LOL.

Jim, “First, where are you from, what’s your background, how did you end up in Network Marketing?

I’m a city girl, born and raised in Philadelphia had a happy childhood, loving parents, middle class neighborhood, lots of friends and fun, etc.  I took the path that was expected of me.  My dad and brother worked for AT&T. As a matter of fact, I remember my dad answering the phone when I was offered a job by the telephone company.  I told him I didn’t want the job because I was having fun working with  2 of my best friends at an insurance company.  I also was told that all women who work for the phone company end up as ‘old maids.’ LOL   I was never the girl dreaming about weddings so the thought of being single didn’t really scare me but I knew my mom probably dreamed of my wedding.

Dad insisted that I go for the interview since he had pulled some strings to make it happen.  It was the old “you live in my house; you do what I say” demand.  I tried to sabotage the interview.  I wore a mini skirt, heavy makeup, chewed gum and asked about lunch and breaks. I got the job anyway – good old nepotism (and good grades) in action! It was more money and I ended up loving the job and carpooling with my dad and brother who worked in the same building. 

My job was a confidential steno clerk and it was not an entry level job.  There was resentment towards me because I started out at a higher level than some women who had been there for years. I didn’t want to be like everyone else, so I secretly applied for a job that back then was only performed by males… working on equipment, climbing ladders, etc.  I got the job and my boss stopped the transfer saying I was too feminine for it WOW!  Fast forward ten years and although I wasn’t career oriented (I just wanted a family and to be a stay at home mom), I kept getting promoted against my will… as crazy as that sounds. I just wanted to work hard, go home and forget about work.    After a couple of decades, I was miserable.  I was forced into leadership, supervision, frequent travel and a corporate life that left me with little personal life. As the company downsized, I was expected to do more and more because I was a manager. There were constant phone calls on vacation, deadlines  at 3 am, etc., but my dad was proud of me because I had gone higher in the management ranks than he did.  He didn’t know how unhappy I was in corporate America.   I’m thankful I had a wonderful supportive husband. In 2003 we sold our beautiful home and downsized to a small condo because I had become ill and could no longer take the job pressure. Five years later I joined an MLM company because my nephew called me with his ‘sponsor’ a man named Tom, who later became a good friend.  Eleven years and 8 companies later I was still struggling to find success. Some companies folded up overnight and other ground floor opportunities never got off the ground until they took my money and a few were Ponzi schemes.

Jim, “So you wouldn’t categorize your story as a typical rag to riches one?

Not at all, more of a ‘failing forward, don’t give up’ or ‘never ever stop dreaming’ or most importantly, ‘you can be whatever you will to be.’

Jim, “tell me a little about how you got started with Xooma?”   

Well Jim, my friend Tom (yes, the same Tom) called me and told me he had found something that is helping people with their health and would I look at it.  I said yes but really wasn’t that interested.  He also mentioned that there was a business opportunity associated with it and I told him I was not interested in any business.  I asked him what the product was, and he  said it was about healthy water. I thought to myself, ‘I already drink lots of bottled water, alkaline water and electrolyte water, what could possibly be different about his water?’ He also talked about a brain health and energy product and that kind of piqued my interest since I was so weak and exhausted and suffering from ‘brain fog.’ It used to take 3 hours before I could move in the morning and I was so weak I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes.   When I heard about the 30-day money back guarantee, I decided to give it a try since I had nothing to lose. I didn’t tell Tom that even if I wanted to do the business, I was too sick to even think about it.  I was waiting to die.

Jim looked incredulous that I said the ‘d’ word, “Wow…. Why were you waiting to die, what happened when you tried it and what is special about this water? He laughed, Sorry, that’s 3 questions!

Tom knew I had said I was completely done with the industry, especially since he had introduced me to 5 of the 8 businesses that I tried in the past 11 years. But he didn’t know that I was very sick.   I had been running to doctors for years trying to find out why I was sick constantly.  In 2012 My husband and I moved from NJ to SC because of the weather, reasonable real estate prices, crazy cheap taxes and the beautiful beaches and golf courses.  We hoped the warmer climate might improve my health.  Another one of the reasons we moved was because I was doing well with a network marketing business that Tom had introduced me to that year.  I was hesitant to move because of all the people we love in PA and NJ.   But, always being a dreamer, I told myself that my business would do so well that I’d be able to afford to fly home every month.  Being positive and a risk taker (and what some people called crazy) we bought a brand-new home even though we already had two mortgages in NJ. 

We arrived in SC with no friends or family, 3 mortgages and 2 small pensions.  Faith, a great credit rating and a positive attitude kept me going. We were borrowing money to buy groceries.  I had a little bit of residual income from an energy company but after we moved, most of my customers disconnected.  I then found out my business was a Ponzi scheme and the government seized all assets including my earnings and investment. I think all the stress, fear and change destroyed my immune system and I ended up hospitalized, and sick in bed for 8 months with no support system, friends or family around.

Jim, “Wow why were you in bed for 8 months?”

Jim I was wondering the same thing. I was determined to find an answer. I lost count of the doctors, tests and drugs I tried.  Finally, one doctor discovered that I had a rare disease and basically, my immune system wasn’t working.  I was a huge target for every disease and germ on the planet.  Years ago, there was a young boy with a form of this disease, called ‘bubble boy’ who lived in a bubble to stay alive.  Thanks to him, they are now testing babies for the disease

I joke with friends and tell them I can’t go to certain events and that I must stay in my bubble. In order to have some immunity, every 4 weeks I sit at an infusion center for 7 hours and receive a blood plasma product intravenously.  The treatment itself made me extremely ill, similar to what I’ve heard from chemo patients.  So, after getting treatment I’d lose a few days to a week, dealing with side effects like the flu. The treatment costs $14,000 a month (not all covered by insurance) and although we had sold our two homes in NJ, our finances were getting tight.  My husband took a job as a bus driver to keep us afloat. 

I tried another network marketing business and after a year and a half forced myself to quit which drove me to depression. So that’s where I was when he called sick and getting sicker, broke and getting broker and depressed.  I found a support group online for my disease and watched several of my online friends pass away.  I thought my time was near. I found out I was already 9 years past my life expectancy.

Jim, “I can understand why you were depressed so what changed?”

That’s the happy part of the story.  When Tom called, I was battling 5 infections.  After about 3 weeks of drinking the X20 water and taking the Focus Up brain and energy supplement, I felt good enough to take a 5-minute walk. I can still remember that walk and suddenly having hope again.  Every day I walked a little more and gradually grew stronger.  After a couple months, I noticed that I didn’t get so sick after my treatments and that completely shocked me. I also stopped taking my meds for acid reflux.  It was gone. I lost 18 pounds and was thrilled. My husband lost 30 pounds.  I started doing a little research and found the company website for testimonials.  Apparently, there are so many people who’ve had life changing results, they had to set up a separate website just for their stories.  The more I read about this 26-year-old company and all their wonderful products, the more I felt guilty not sharing with people I care about. 

I shared it with my cousin who was homebound, obese and couldn’t even walk her own dog because of COPD and knee problems.  She is now down 60 pounds, breathing and walking normally and able to enjoy life.  That life changing phone call ignited my passion and I decided to pursue a career with Xooma. My motto is “I share because I care.”

Jim, “So was your success immediate?”

Not at all.  I worked hard but after a year was only making about a $1,000 a month.  That was nice but not life changing money.  I wanted to make multiple 6 figures because I had worked hard in the industry for 11 years and believed it possible.  I attended every conference call, read books, listened to successful people but knew something was missing. I knew I had success and gold buried under the concrete shell that life’s difficulties had created.   It took some deep soul searching.  First, I had to think about why I wanted to make that kind of money.  Of course, I wanted my husband and I to travel to all the places we’d dreamed about but that wasn’t enough.  I wanted to give him a life of financial freedom not only because I love him but to thank him for all the support he’s given me through some hard times.  I needed to find my why.  It was more than money.  I wanted to change lives through these products.  I wanted thousands of people to feel better.  I also wanted to help others make money too. I wanted material things but more importantly I wanted health, peace, happiness and a sense of purpose.

Jim, “So how did you find all of that? That’s a pretty tall order, peace, health, happiness and purpose,”

Right about the time I was looking for answers, the teacher appeared.  Again, my mentor and friend Tom told me about a 6-month course that could change my life.  It was not a typical sales course or self-help training, it’s tagline ‘Learn How to Access the Power that Lies Within You and Think for Yourself so you’re free from the bondage of other people’s ideas about how you should live your life…’ That really appealed to me but making a 6-month commitment to a few hours a day 7 days a week intimidated me.  I read that it was life changing for previous students and was struggling with the decision.

Jim, “So why did that tagline appeal to you so much?”

Because I realized I had been living a life of bondage.  I did everything I was supposed to…. Lived with my parents until I got married, took the job daddy wanted me to take, made mom happy by marrying a great guy from the neighborhood with the same religion and friends.  I was always daddy’s girl and worked hard to make Dad proud and to make the kind of money to have the material success that others might envy.  I worked myself into the mold of what corporate America thought I should be and do. I even dressed the way I was supposed to dress wearing clothes that I hated.

Jim, “I forgot to ask you what you did during the few years of leaving corporate America and starting Network Marketing?”

Although I was broke, cutting coupons, feeling bad about my husband working so much overtime, and living in an old tiny condo, I felt like I was out of prison. I felt free.   I wanted to run to center city Philadelphia and ring the liberty bell.  That was 16 years ago, and I still thank God every morning.  I worked for a temp agency and did everything from pizza delivery to working at a country club and in a hardware store and I loved it.  I also worked as a hypnotist.  I wasn’t a psychologist, but I helped people tap into their subconscious minds to quit smoking, lose weight and de-stress.

Jim, “What did they mean by the power that lies within you?”

I’m glad you asked that.  I wish everyone knew about their power.  Our subconscious mind controls 90% of what we do. That’s why when I hypnotized people, I was able to speak directly to their subconscious mind and help them to retrain their minds to stop undesirable habits.   Most people have no idea how to control their own minds to tap into how to achieve anything they desire.  It’s no secret.  Back in 1903 the book “As a Man Thinketh” talked about the power of our thoughts. We all know we need to exercise our bodies and that it takes work to get in great physical shape.  The same goes with our minds.  We need to learn how to tap into our subconscious mind to achieve.

Jim,” how did you tap into your subconscious mind to learn how to achieve great success?”

 When I read that this course was helping people to tap into their own minds, that was the deciding factor for taking the course. It took me 6 months to train my mind to control my thoughts and actions and create my dream.

Jim, “Give me a hint, tell me something that could help others.”

I’d suggest that everyone take this course but, in the meantime, it’s important to really dig deep and find your why.  It’s OK to dream.  Your subconscious and the power of attraction will help you attain whatever you want as long as it hurts no one else.

There are some things you can do like read ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World” for 10 months.  That’s right 10 months!  You’ll understand when you begin to read it.  Start writing out your dreams and picturing them in your mind and feel the excitement of achieving them.  Do that every night before you go to sleep. Look into creating dream boards.   Find positive affirmations that appeal to you and listen to them every day.  Here’s a couple good ones, “I can be what I will to be” “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better” I also suggest that people become a student of the classic by Napoleon Hill ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

“What’s life like for you now?”

Jim, I feel like a braggart talking about my life now. If someone had told me that I could achieve my dreams simply by training my subconscious mind and doing some work on myself, I would never have believed it.  I had used it to help others through hypnosis but now I was ready to help me. Compassion is my passion and the thought that I have helped thousands of people to feel better through our products brings me such joy.  I’ve also helped hundreds of people start their own Xooma business and I feel like a proud mama when I see their names on our company leaderboard and winning sales contests.

Since a lot of our customers become customers for life, a lot of my income is residual, so I only work about 30 hours a week.  I do, however, have the time to take a week’s vacation every 3 months and a months’ vacation every year.  In 2020 we took a cruise with our team to the Bahamas and had a ball.  We went with friends to Germany, Austria and Switzerland and I can still see all the beautiful sights in my mind.  My husband and I took a trip to Italy and spent time in Rome, Tuscany and Positano. It was the best trip of our lives.

I’ve always been a risk taker and dream believer, so we designed and built our dream home before the money arrived. We knew we’d only have one chance to build it and we went deeply into debt knowing and trusting that it would all work out.

Although I wasn’t a big car person, I always loved blue Porsche convertibles and treated myself with our company car bonus.  I drove it to Florida last year because we rented a beach front property for the winter so that we could spend some time with friends and family.  Now when friends and family come to see us in SC, I hire a chef to feed us so that I can relax and have fun with everyone. We still missed the Jersey Shore, so we rented another beach front property in Wildwood NJ last summer again to see friends and family that we’ve been missing.

Jim, “what did it feel like to finally be making the money you tried so hard to earn for 11 years?”

When I opened my first check for $10,500, I screamed with delight.  Not only did I realize I had finally reached my goals, but knowing we were financially free made me ecstatic.  I kept thinking about helping the immune deficiency foundation so that others could get help with my disease.  I also knew I’d be sending anonymous money to loved ones who were in need. To think that by helping others get healthier and achieve their dreams that I would have the privilege to help others like St. Jude’s, Lustgarten, the homeless, and animal shelters brings me to tears of joy.

Last year my monthly checks were $16,000 and my PNC bank account which used to have a $5 balance had a $450,000 balance.

Jim, “Any closing words?”

The best thing that happened is that I was the first person cured of my disease.  That was my number one belief… that I would be the first cure.  Wealth is nothing without health and I thank Tom for leading me to this course, God for inspiring him to do so and allowing me to manifest my dreams.  I now have both health and wealth and love sharing my gifts with others especially my husband who has been there for me through thick and thin.

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