Week 18 – The Toilet Paper Kindness Journey

Ever since we experienced kindness week, I’m noticing kindness everywhere.  I always considered myself a kind person, as a matter of fact I’ve been told I’m overly kind sometimes (maybe even been called a doormat.)   Apparently, there’s always room for improvement. There seems to be a kindness growth spurt in myself and as a result it’s coming toward me too.   Give more, get more.

It’s even little things I’m noticing.  I was in a public restroom, went into a stall that had no toilet tissue.  I automatically moved to another stall.  Normally, I’d just wash my hands and leave.  Without hesitation, I found the TP supply and put 2 rolls in the first stall.  I washed my hands and a piece of my paper towel ripped as I was tearing it and it fell to the floor.  My old self would have thought, that’s what maintenance workers are for…. I picked it up. 

A man came into my new home to give me an estimate for window treatments.  We chatted and he told me that his next stop was to coach a soccer game.  I said, “wow, I guess you won’t have time for dinner.”  While he was measuring, I made up a goodie bag for him with cheeses, nuts, etc.  He was so happy.  My husband asked me why I did that.  I said, “Just to be kind.” Kindness without expecting reciprocity is incredibly satisfying.  Expecting reciprocity throughout my life was something that always hurt me (I’m blue.) My husband often  told me I’d be happier when I stop expecting people to be like me.

People I’ve known my entire life are suddenly saying kind things to me, even on social media.  Speaking of social media, I was feeling kind of hurt that my 30-year-old nephew/Godson was getting engaged last week and never told me. I’ve always loved and gifted him without expecting anything in return.  He is like a son to me. I figured I’d just see the pictures on social media.   I let go of the hurt through the tools I’ve been learning during this course.  He called me and left a voice mail, “I had to call you.  I’m on my way to ask Jenny to be my wife.  I just wanted to let you know what an impact you’ve had on my life.  Thank you for always being there to nurture me through God.  Thank you for everything.  I love you.”  Those kind words were worth the 30 year wait and brought me to tears.

Even the new friends I’ve made since I moved to SC seven years ago are suddenly thanking me for things I’ve done or said in the past. It’s even affecting my husband.  He asked a friend to borrow a ladder so he could go up on the roof and clean out the gutters.  Not only did our friend bring the ladder over, he leaned it against the house and immediately climbed up and started clearing the gutters. 

Of all the changes I’ve experienced on this journey, I’m praying the kindness becomes contagious. 

Published by coachdiane27

I’m a work at home, self-employed, freedom fighter helping people find freedom from illness and financial freedom! I spent decades in a loving marriage but in a loveless career. That stressful loveless career affected so many aspects of my life including my health and marriage. The money was great but what good is money with no time to enjoy it? Finally, my husband said I’d rather be broke than have you sick or gone. That was April fool’s day 2003. I wanted to always remember the date that I stopped being a fool in corporate America and had the courage to pursue my dreams. We’ve never looked back. We downsized into a 700-foot dilapidated condo from a beautiful single home that we had built. But we were still happy. My husband worked overtime for years while I tried a multitude of network marketing businesses. Some were legit but the market was saturated, some were Ponzi schemes, some were ‘ground floor’ opportunities that never got off the ground. Eight businesses and 10 years later, we moved 600 miles from our friends and family to beautiful SC. We could afford to live there because the real estate was cheaper and the taxes $8000 cheaper a year. Even though we miss everyone, a big plus is that hubby loves golf and I love warm weather and beaches. I had given up on Network Marketing. In August of 2018 I had a phone call from a friend asking me try something that might help me with my health. I wasn’t interested in the business opportunity or even the product but when I found out there was a 30 day money back guarantee, I tried it because I had nothing to lose. That phone call was a gift from God because my health has improved dramatically, and I finally found the business of my dreams. I’m so grateful to be changing lives by improving people’s health and, if they choose to join me, their wealth. We just designed and built our dream home and I keep pinching myself every time I look around. It is never too late to pursue your dreams. As a junior senior citizen, I’m excited to be working on my next set of dreams and to help others pursue theirs too.

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