Week 17HJ – From Mystery to Miracle.

I was so happy that we were able to take time to review a few chapters of Haanel this week, especially 9 and 10.  Some of the things I read were so much more impactful this time as I realized how much knowledge we have acquired in 18 short weeks.  It was actually EXCITING to read knowing that we are creating our ideal lives.  The first time I read 9 and 10, the words felt more like a mystery than a miracle.

I read chapter 9, did my sit and imagined a flower growing. It was a completely different experience than it was 9 weeks ago. The visualization was basically the same, but what really moved me was how I was able to compare my visualization to the growth of our own dreams.   The seeds were able to draw everything they needed from the universe… me  patiently removing the seedlings from a wet paper towel and transplanting them to a small pot of soil, then they utilized the rays of the sun, the minerals in the soil and the water I poured to create a spectacular Calla Lily from just a tiny seed. Part 10-8 “As the plant reaches down into the mineral world and touches it with the mystery of life, so the universal mind reaches down into the human mind and endows it with new strange, wonderful, marvelous qualities”

It was like a light bulb went off in my mind when I realized that this is exactly what is happening to us as we do the mental work and exercises to create our dreams from a seed, a thought coming to life.

I had a similar new experience with Chapter 11, “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye SHALL HAVE THEM.”  As I repeated those words in my mind, I visualized my dreams as being already here and the joy and excitement I felt during my sit was AMAZING. I was able to FEEL the emotions of achieving my dreams and give them more power to blossom. As the flower blossomed in my mind, so did my dream. It’s closer than ever now.

Nine weeks ago everything I read was just a concept.  Now it is truth! I don’t have any clever closing words to add except, the Master Key Experience is the first time in my life that a ‘self-help’ course has changed my life. Thank you to all of my #MKE heroes.

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I’m a work at home, self-employed, freedom fighter helping people find freedom from illness and financial freedom! I spent decades in a loving marriage but in a loveless career. That stressful loveless career affected so many aspects of my life including my health and marriage. The money was great but what good is money with no time to enjoy it? Finally, my husband said I’d rather be broke than have you sick or gone. That was April fool’s day 2003. I wanted to always remember the date that I stopped being a fool in corporate America and had the courage to pursue my dreams. We’ve never looked back. We downsized into a 700-foot dilapidated condo from a beautiful single home that we had built. But we were still happy. My husband worked overtime for years while I tried a multitude of network marketing businesses. Some were legit but the market was saturated, some were Ponzi schemes, some were ‘ground floor’ opportunities that never got off the ground. Eight businesses and 10 years later, we moved 600 miles from our friends and family to beautiful SC. We could afford to live there because the real estate was cheaper and the taxes $8000 cheaper a year. Even though we miss everyone, a big plus is that hubby loves golf and I love warm weather and beaches. I had given up on Network Marketing. In August of 2018 I had a phone call from a friend asking me try something that might help me with my health. I wasn’t interested in the business opportunity or even the product but when I found out there was a 30 day money back guarantee, I tried it because I had nothing to lose. That phone call was a gift from God because my health has improved dramatically, and I finally found the business of my dreams. I’m so grateful to be changing lives by improving people’s health and, if they choose to join me, their wealth. We just designed and built our dream home and I keep pinching myself every time I look around. It is never too late to pursue your dreams. As a junior senior citizen, I’m excited to be working on my next set of dreams and to help others pursue theirs too.

13 thoughts on “Week 17HJ – From Mystery to Miracle.

  1. What great observations! Amazing what happens when we change our thoughts. As I encourage others – Change your mind – change your life. I didn’t understand the full truth of that until MKE. I, too, love rereading 9 and 10 in Haanel. Your are so right. In 18 weeks, mystery to miracle.

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  2. Great blog, Diane! I’m happy your sits are so vibrant — I look for more of mine to be that way going forward. I ‘became’ abundance last night as I pondered it and literally felt the buzz body-wide. Loved it!

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