Week 16: What were you thinking Steve Jobs?

I’m not exactly sure why, but this week, Haanel’s Chapter 16 gave me the feeling of hope and excitement.    I’m pressed for time and that leaves little opportunity for introspection except for the 30 minutes I’ve allotted myself to write this blog.  Wealth is a product of labor, yet my financial wealth has not yet arrived although I’ve labored in this industry for 12 years.  I definitely possess the quality of persistence.  I persist and I win.  All of us are well aware that money doesn’t buy happiness.  To me, health is the highest form of wealth, because without it money doesn’t mean much at all. 

Steve Jobs, the pioneer of personal computers and co-founder of Apple computer, had so much money and unfortunately that couldn’t buy his health.  I haven’t read much about his personal history.  My guess is that he possessed many of the attributes that all of us in this class are learning and aspire to obtain.  I’d love to be able to ask him when he found his DMP (Definite Major Purpose), when did he visualize the personal computer, how he constructed it in his mind  and how often? I can’t imagine how a genius thinks but we all know it doesn’t take genius to be successful in reaching our dreams. We have all been blessed to find the Master Key Experience so that we learn the pathway to our dreams, whatever they may be. 

 Haanel 16-5 states ‘wealth should then never be desired as an end, but simply a means of accomplishing an end.’   

That particular statement by Haanel made me happy because my #1 dream is health.  My #2 dream is wealth.  Health and Wealth as we know are subjective and relative.  My healthy dream may label me as a sick person by society, just as my wealth goals are a mere fraction of a percentage of what Steve Jobs earned.  The key is my ‘why’, my judgement of my own happiness and what is the end game of what I will accomplish?

Why do I want health? Because it’s alluded me for so long and because I need to be physically able to help the people I want to help. I want to be healthy so I can do more to help others. Wealth WILL be nice too but my intentions of what to do with that wealth is to help others.  Of course, I intend to enjoy achieving these goals as I am a mere human. Hey, won’t it be nice when I’m healthy, debt free and smiling thinking about the thousands of people I have helped with my products and business opportunity.  I’ll bet Steve J wasn’t thinking about dollars when his dream became his passion.  Let’s all be grateful for the dreamers…. “He who lets a golden orbed thought roll through the generations of time” (H. W. Beecher)

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I’m a work at home, self-employed, freedom fighter helping people find freedom from illness and financial freedom! I spent decades in a loving marriage but in a loveless career. That stressful loveless career affected so many aspects of my life including my health and marriage. The money was great but what good is money with no time to enjoy it? Finally, my husband said I’d rather be broke than have you sick or gone. That was April fool’s day 2003. I wanted to always remember the date that I stopped being a fool in corporate America and had the courage to pursue my dreams. We’ve never looked back. We downsized into a 700-foot dilapidated condo from a beautiful single home that we had built. But we were still happy. My husband worked overtime for years while I tried a multitude of network marketing businesses. Some were legit but the market was saturated, some were Ponzi schemes, some were ‘ground floor’ opportunities that never got off the ground. Eight businesses and 10 years later, we moved 600 miles from our friends and family to beautiful SC. We could afford to live there because the real estate was cheaper and the taxes $8000 cheaper a year. Even though we miss everyone, a big plus is that hubby loves golf and I love warm weather and beaches. I had given up on Network Marketing. In August of 2018 I had a phone call from a friend asking me try something that might help me with my health. I wasn’t interested in the business opportunity or even the product but when I found out there was a 30 day money back guarantee, I tried it because I had nothing to lose. That phone call was a gift from God because my health has improved dramatically, and I finally found the business of my dreams. I’m so grateful to be changing lives by improving people’s health and, if they choose to join me, their wealth. We just designed and built our dream home and I keep pinching myself every time I look around. It is never too late to pursue your dreams. As a junior senior citizen, I’m excited to be working on my next set of dreams and to help others pursue theirs too.

8 thoughts on “Week 16: What were you thinking Steve Jobs?

  1. A great point that our dreams are subjective and personal. I also loved this: “Let’s all be grateful for the dreamers….”– and as we’re feeling that gratitude, we remember that we’re ALL dreamers! 🙂

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  2. Wow! This really resonated with me since I have watched my husband fight for his health for over 15 years. Wealth will make things in our life easier and can lead to exciting adventures but in order to enjoy it, you need to be healthy.


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